(since 1989)

THE ENERGY GROUP is unique from other energy solution firms since we integrate unique and proven technologies to reduce wherever possible: Usage, Costs, Consumption, Waste and Pollution in Power, Fossil Fuel, Mold and Coal Systems, relating to retrofits or not: Refrigeration, HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Building and Combustion Systems, using existing or replacement technologies. With our affiliate partners, we offer services in "all" the engineering disciplines from design to build to installation.

Reducing waste is not expensive, Doing nothing is... Any well designed building will have load loss - these losses come from:

Line loss 4% - 6%
Power Factor 10% - 12%
Service Provided 2% - 4%
Motors/Equipment 10% - 12%
Lighting/Electronic Equipment 20% - 30%
Fuels 10% - 30%

Our goal: Reduce every "nickel and dimes" worth of inefficiency with forensic verification of results/performances from our own developed software (43 categories - so far). By aligning your company with The Energy Group (being your contractor, Consultant or Outside Energy Manager), you'll improve your ability to focus on the issues at hand and not needlessly waste time and finances. Doing it right is only half the story - Proving it to you... is the other.


Why we're unique and worth your time:

* We "think" more like CFO's than engineers, offering greater returns and verification

* Our technologies are also LEED-EB accepted (Operations and Maintenance)

* We also look at the "negatives" or side effects of new technologies, which you are not made aware of

Our expertise has been with small to medium sized facilities with the largest being 3.2 million S/F or 300,000 S/M (Romania). Our Point:

* Your Risk: Do Nothing - That's Very Expensive...

* Your Peace of Mind: Our Credentials and Performances

* When everyone "thinks" alike - no one is thinking...


Questions: Contact Dr George at our Corporate Headquarters or one of our other global division directors

Answers: Don't take our word - Review the website and see yourself the Client results and performances

NOW: If you're dealing with anyone else - we're "both" losing money...