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Adverse Press Rebuttal - Setting the Record Straight

NJIT - when their analyses was questioned, we found out that they installed the unit backwards, even though 1 side is stamped "IN" and 1 side is stamped "OUT". They stated that they were professors and did not make mistakes and would NOT re-do the test - correctly. Later to correct this problem ever happening again, we now have a BIG RED arrow on the label, pointing the correct way to install the unit to get POSITIVE results, being a professor or not...

Stevens Institute - Stevens Institute did not purchase a unit and only made comments based on the testing/analyses from NJIT...

Essex County - Inset Indus. had made various claims/comments to make a sale and when these claims were not substantiated (along with politics), thats where the problem started, not because of performance, since the States own DOT stated in a newspaper article (Bergen Record - March 20, 1997 - 1,000 page - $100,000 report/study which has NEVER been made public), commented that the "fuel device reduces pollution"... (Newspaper articles:

Skeptics Dictionary - they are in the business to sell "gloom and doom" so what would you expect! Also when we tried to correct their inaccuracies, they printed what they wanted to print to make better press, not the full comment given. We also asked them to do a test themselves, and never heard back from them...

EPA - read our rebuttal for ALL the facts (
(Please review the entire report and NOT just the summary ! Pages: 4 - 10 - 14, state positive performance results).

You don't get FAA approval along with Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School to install and test on an aircraft if it did not work ! (

If it did not work..... you don't get results from an independent lab for Duke Energy and the State of Wyoming to test and get results... ( - 2nd item from top),

If it did not work - The US Army should not have gotten results ( - top item)

If it did not work - The US DEPT of HUD - ( (item "B" is their analyses which was given to Washington, DC for verification of performance), they would not have gotten results either.

Common sense ... will tell you... if it did not work.... You don't get results at all ! Read the newspaper articles ( and see for yourself ........ If it works or not ?