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Coal Stabilizer

Stabilized Coal Application

With the variety of fossil fuels in this country, we do not have to depend on fuels from other nations. We have a process for each of these fuels, including COAL... NOW...not years away!

When we are given an installation for a COAL application, we ask to have our COAL questionnaire (sent upon request) completed and sent to us for evaluation. This survey tells us what has to be done/treated before combustion as this is the "preparation stage". (see graph (a) - Input)

After combustion, the stacks are "treated" as well to prevent acid rain, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides and other harmful emissions. (see graph (b) - Stack)

Reductions: Fuel ( nuggets / pulverized ) = minimum savings 18% - 25%
                    Emissions = minimum reduction 80% - 90%

The same technology/principle (trade secret) that is used for our Fossil Fuel Stabilizer is the same technology used in/with our COAL application, which was designed/discussed with Peabody Energy and Foster Wheeler Corp. in the mid 1990's. We have the ability to show and verify applicable results in reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Our technology/process makes the fuel burn more precise, effective and efficiently. If you would like to do a test to verify the results on "your" specific equipment, Please contact Dr George directly, concerning special arrangements and pricing.

<Coal application sent upon request>