The Energy Group Announces Global Discount And Solution For High Fuel Costs And Global Warming

May 21, 2007 - By the Energy Group

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. - Dr. George Molteni, JD-PhD, and CEO for The Energy GroupTM has announced, what in recent history has become all too scarce - good news about high fuel costs and global warming. What's the good news? An innovative product that has resulted to 30 percent fuel savings and 96 percent emissions reductions!

The good news comes in the form of the Fossil Fuel Stabilizer, a technology that is available to everyone not in fifteen years or after further research, but now. The Alliance to Save Energy published our paper on this technology (Sept/2006) and nominated twice for their prestigious Star of Energy Efficiency "Andromeda Award". With fuel prices consistently increasing day by day, the Stabilizer will help ease concerns not only involving fuel costs but also environmental worries such as global warming and going green. Tests have shown that implementation of the Stabilizer has lead to a 96 percent reduction in emissions (Duke Energy). As our elected representatives have failed to justly or effectively address this issue, the time has come for everyone to bypass the political system, big oil and implement this valuable cost effective technology that is easily installed, never needs to be replaced, and doesn't require maintenance ever. The system is California ARB aftermarket verified by Executive Order D-612.

According to The Energy GroupTM, the Stabilizer garners such great results because it addresses the problems before combustion, rather than after pollution has been created. Essentially, the Stabilizer lowers emissions and greatly increases fuel economy by its proprietary design so that it burns more thoroughly and efficiently. Some testimonials of the Stabilizer include 26 percent savings in just four months at Kean University, 330 percent averaged ROI documented for the US Department of HUD, 15.5 percent fuel savings in fourteen weeks by the Washington DC Hospital Complex and 21 percent fuel savings by Habitat for Humanity (diesel truck-Romania).

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, government and big oil seem all too content to sit back and wait for technology to relieve consumers with solutions that produce side effects creating newer problems. Why would profit-hungry CEOs and agenda-wielding politicians do anything to actually lower prices? This is not the way it should be in a country of free-thinking, action-taking individuals. In a time when talk has become anything but cheap while doing nothing being more expensive, as it only serves to delay actual change, The Energy GroupTM is announcing a 10 percent discount, free shipping globally, and a one-year money-back performance guarantee to make the Stabilizer accessible to everyone. With these safeguards in place, now is definitely the time to enjoy increased fuel savings and lowered emissions on your own terms. Results have always been achieved when done by its instructions!

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