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Beijing Univ. - CNG Dyno Testing:
(Tested for 5 days - 30 hrs. totally)
(our normal testing period is a minimum of 30 days)

July 6, 2015.

"We just finished 3rd day of test. So far, NOx went down about 25%-30%. The test had mixed results up to the 3rd, last Friday. The good news is NOx is over 50% Lower than the Pre-install number, whilst THC is about 10-15 lower. Nonetheless the emissions reduction has been proven, according to the professor, who was actually very impressed."

Feb 6, 2016: I have recently presented the product to a few engine manufacturers and will keep you posted. In addition, we have many Chinese strategic investors looking to acquire companies and some of them have expressed interest.

CNG Engine, under 7 liters - our small diesel unit (COD - 6 = 3/8 inch).