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New Service - Quotation

We will offer you a "quotation" analyses for your specific equipment according to your present usage to verify an "very" conservative estimate of payback and ROI for a "processing fee" of $200.oo USD (per quote), which will be applied toward the purchase of your order.

Please forward the following questions with your answers, along with the contact persons name, phone number and e-mail address on your letterhead and a (S.A.S.E. - self addressed stamped envelope) - we will mail you a copy by POST and also send you a copy by e-mail:

1- Months in Operation or Season __________
(sample example) ___12___

2- Yearly Gallons (oil) or Therms (natl gas) used _____________
(sample example) __80,000__ Gallons / oil #2__
(if Natl Gas - state if: "low" pressure or HIGH pressure)

3- Yearly Fuel Bill/Amount for Gallons/Therms used ____________ USD
(sample example) __$1,500,000.oo___USD

4- OD (outside diameter) of fuel line size nearest combustion "after"
any/all pumps and filters _____ inch or ____________MM
(sample example) __2 inch__

5- Equipment being evaluated (boiler, truck-bus engine, etc) _______________
(sample example) __Boiler__

6- Quantity of equipment ________ Units per equipment _______ Total = _____
(sample example) __7__ (sample example) __1__ (sample example) __7__

7- Being installed: ____Below or ____Above the Equator
(sample example) - ABOVE

*** What you will receive: sample example