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The Energy Group guarantees "original" purchaser that they shall have a reduction of at least six percent (6%) reduction of their annual fuel operating costs - or their emissions for that/the particular equipment that the Fossil Fuel Stabilizer(s) is/are installed upon... If purchaser does not receive the savings guarantee amount within a one (1) year period from date of installation (pro-rated for a miminum of 90 days):

(a) - Purchaser can return the product for a refund of the purchase price "excluding" Shipping/Handling charges and any/all savings generated during the installation guarantee period. With direct purchases only, any savings generated will be deducted from the original sale price. The equipment must be in resalable condition and NOT tampered with in any manner whatsoever and "after" Energy Group has done their own analyses to verify clients results...

The only exception being that the "hours of operation and consumption/usage patterns" have NOT changed or been altered from the baselines (prior) years consumption/usage pattern(s) versus the "installation (after)" years consumption usage/pattern... The stabilizer must be used only on a continual, NOT intermitten basis... with all other matters being equal and fair...

Actual numbers are required for an effective and proper analyses, NOT the "usual driving pattern, usage, estimated or guessing". A proper "Pre and Post" installation analyses will be required (as installations in section 5 of website) and provided to Energy Group in order to evaluate any dispute. Anything less than proper procedure, will NOT be covered by our performance guarantee/warranty - this includes the information for the baseline & verification analyses if not forwarded, as requested.

Also there is to be absolutely NO intermittent testing of the same unit(s) on various equipment, as this is a permanent install, any deviations outside of that specific category, as well as any modifications/ alterations made to the original equipment shipped from the factory, we will NOT be responsible for any malfunctions, equipment damage or failures. Our Guarantee/Warranty becomes NULL and VOID and our responsibility and involvement ceases.


The Energy Group warrants the Fuel Stabilizer shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a minimum period of ten (10) years - from the "original" date of purchase, which can be extended (optional renewal periods of 1 year each - at a minimal cost). Limitations being: improper or abnormal use of handling of product, improper installation, tampering of any sorts, acts of GOD, removal of product label, defects in products attached to our product. This warranty will become "VOID" if any tampering whatsoever has been attempted by anyone.

The Energy Group's sole and exclusive obligation shall be to repair or replace the defective product (if any) in the manner from the original date of sale for the period remaining in the warranty period. We do not recommend that our device be combined/incorporated in/with/into any other aftermarket technology(s) offering the same/similar capabilities, as this will/may affect our performances plus void warranty. Also unit is to be by model/size application category from our specifications sheet - NOT pricing based on fuel line size: ((Example): 3/8 inch - C-06 for smaller applications, versus 3/8 inch - D-06 for larger application). The Energy Group will not have any other obligation and under NO circumstances will The Energy Group be liable for incidental, special or consequential damages. This warranty states the entire obligation of The Energy Group...

If client does not forward (baseline) as well as (after install) information "as requested" by ENERGY to verify performances, with ENERGY's analyses format, all warranties, guarantees and other obligations will "cease and become Null and Void".

Guarantee/Warranty begin from the original date of purchase/receipt of goods - NOT the date of installation.>