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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is it manufactured?

A: In the United States

Q: How is it installed?

A: By shunting the main and secondary ground cables and then removing the shunt afterwards.

Q: Where is it installed?

A: Installed between the utilities neutral / primary neutral on the transformer. Then another installed at the secondary side of the transformer neutral. The "main" transformer is only treated first, but the problem has not been totally corrected, then you would need to treat the additional transformers in the facility as well.

Q: Do you need to shut down the transformer to install?

A: NO.......shunting procedure is being used and you are only dealing with your neutral cable.

Q: What information do you need from customer / client to order?

A: For "each" transformer treated - need the diameter size of the primary cable and the diameter size of the secondary cable along with the Voltage of transformer (plate and reading).

Q: Do you need the Voltage and Ampere ratings?

A: YES......Only the Voltage of each transformer being treated not the ampere.

Q: How to anticipate load increases in the future?

A: Unless you "add" additional transformers, there is no problem with future load increases.

Q: Do we have an installation drawing?

A: We will provide (if needed be) a drawing for each installation to pinpoint exactly where the units should be installed.

Q: How do you verify results?

A: You would take harmonic readings "before" hand, install the two (2) Harmonic Stabilizers, then take "after" readings. If the level of harmonics is still not acceptable, then you would need to treat all the additional transformers in the facility.

Q: Does the Harmonic Stabilizer effect Power Factor?


Q: Does this product "reduce" or "prevent" harmonics?

A: it "prevents" harmonics.

Q: Does it eliminate harmonics in network or just drive, motors, etc?

A: Elimates in "network" as long as all transformers are treated.

Harmonic Unit Sizes:

250 MCM = 1/4 inch
350 MCM = 2364 ths
500 MCM = 1/2 inch
600 MCM = 5/8 inch
750 MCM = 3/4 inch
1,000 MCM = 1 inch

NOTES: (a) when ordering, you will need 2 units per each transformer to be treated (1 for Primary side and 1 for Secondary side)

NOTE: (1) All measurements are figured by the size of the main and secondary neutral/ground cables...

(2) For exact configuration.. you will need to request and fill out our Harmonics "questionaire" and return for analyses...

(3) Sizing for Primary and Secondary should be taken from the chart above